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Dischargeable Debts Which Can Be Denied Discharge

One of the primary goals of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing is likely to be that the court will ultimately discharge significant debts from the filer’s accounts, allowing them to start anew without the financial burden of past struggles weighing down on them. In all Chapter 7 filings there are certain debts which must be paid, including certain taxes, mortgages, and alimony, but the majority of unsecured debts such as credit cards, personal loans, and department store debt can be eliminated, barring certain extenuating circumstances.

If you are considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy as an option to resolve your debt issues, it is essential that you seek the aid of a skilled legal representative in order to guide and manage you through the bankruptcy process. Contact the experienced Houston bankruptcy attorneys at the Russell Van Beustring P.C., at 713-973-6650 to learn more about your legal options.

Barriers to Discharge

While non-secured debts are intended to be dischargeable through the Chapter 7 process, there are several circumstances in which your discharge may be denied. For the most part, these provisions are in place to protect against abuse of the bankruptcy system, although many of them can appear to be simple technicalities. Be sure to avoid the following situations:

  • Destruction of records
  • Violation of a court order
  • Failure to complete a personal finance management course
  • Failure to provide tax documents
  • Fraudulent concealment of property or assets

With the guidance of a skilled attorney, you can avoid committing some unintentional but costly mistakes throughout the bankruptcy process.

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If you have become overwhelmed by debt that you have no means of repaying, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the right solution for you. Contact the experienced Houston bankruptcy lawyers at the Russell Van Beustring P.C., by calling 713-973-6650 today.

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