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Houston Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyers

Unlike Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which are frequently utilized by individuals and families, Chapter 11 bankruptcy is primarily used by businesses that are struggling to make ends meet. It is not uncommon for businesses to go through difficult financial times, however sometimes these challenges can get out of control, and a business may need to make necessary adjustments to their finances. In such cases, Chapter 11 may be helpful.

The Houston Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyers at the Russell Van Beustring P.C., can help you better understand your financial situation as well as the various options that are available to you. Although dealing with financial troubles can be difficult, filing for bankruptcy may be just what your business needs to overcome unmanageable business debt and move on to a brighter, more successful future. To learn more, contact us today at 713-973-6650.

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Understanding the subtleties of business bankruptcy laws can be a challenge, but with a qualified lawyer on your side you may be able to successfully move through this difficult time and get your business back on track. At the Russell Van Beustring P.C., we will work with you personally to make sure that your business is getting the best possible chance to rebuild after a rough patch. Our attorneys are ready to help you better understand:

Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows businesses the time they need to restructure their finances, avoid unnecessary losses, and continue to operate while bankruptcy proceedings are taking place. If this sounds like the relief that your business needs, contact us today.

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For more information about Chapter 11 bankruptcy options or to review your business’ needs with an attorney that is prepared to take on your case, contact a Houston bankruptcy lawyer from the Russell Van Beustring P.C., at 713-973-6650.

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