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Getting a New Job After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be a viable solution for people who are struggling to remain financially secure during difficult economic times. However, many people worry that they will not be able to get a new job after filing for bankruptcy, because an employer may not hire them because of their past financial history. However, this does not have to be the case because filing for bankruptcy does not necessarily limit one’s job opportunities in the future.

The Truth about Applying for Post-Bankruptcy Jobs

It is a common bankruptcy myth that if you file for bankruptcy that potential employers will not hire you, but this is simply not the case most of the time. Instead, while you might face questions from your employer about your financial history, you can choose to answer them or not. A potential employer may:

  • Admire your drive to take action for financial security
  • Allow you to explain your past history
  • Not even ask you about your past bankruptcy

With these considerations in mind, a person considering filing for bankruptcy should not necessarily believe that his or her job opportunities are limited in the future.

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Choosing to pursue bankruptcy can be a difficult decision to make, and many people worry about the consequences it may have on their lives. However, if you are facing bankruptcy and you have questions about getting a new job after your bankruptcy case is complete, the experienced bankruptcy lawyers of Russell Van Beustring P.C. can help you understand what you can expect. Contact us today by calling 713-973-6650 to talk about how we can help you navigate this process.

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