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 Why Buying Luxury Items before Bankruptcy May Be a Bad Idea

Going through financial difficulties where you cannot buy the things that you want can be hard for anyone. Sometimes people are tempted, before filing for bankruptcy, to purchase luxury items for themselves so that they can enjoy these items and to use them to pay back debts. However, this practice can be quite risky for those going through bankruptcy, whether Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or other forms of bankruptcy, and may end up having negative consequences for debtors.

Reasons to Resist Buying Luxuries before Bankruptcy

Items that are considered to be luxury items can vary widely. In fact, these items can include assets like property, homes, expensive vacations or meals, electronics, vehicles, and many other items. However, if you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you should avoid purchasing any items that might be considered a luxury for the following reasons:

  • Creditors viewing purchases as deceitful
  • Loss of trust from bankruptcy trustee
  • Increasing your debts
  • Increased difficulties negotiating with creditors
  • Possibility of a court calling it a “luxury expense,” which means a debtor will still have to pay for the item after bankruptcy

For these reasons, a debtor should avoid buying expensive items or property before filing for bankruptcy. In fact, when considering bankruptcy as an option for alleviating much of your debt, a person should speak with a legal representative about the steps they should take, or avoid, prior to filing.

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