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Consumer Law

What Is A DRIP?

The acronym “DRIP” refers to a dividend reinvestment program. By participating in a DRIP, an investor can use his or her dividends on shares of stock in a corporation to purchase additional shares of stock.

Stock Exchanges

The phrase “stock exchange” actually has a dual meaning. First, it refers to the trading of stock between buyers and sellers. Second, it refers to the place where such transactions take place. A stock exchange may be housed in a building or, in the alternative, it may be a computer-driven network.

The Textile and Wool Labeling Acts – Fiber Content Disclosure – Wool Fiber Names

Under the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act, the Wool Products Labeling Act, and their accompanying rules, the term “wool” may be used on a label for fiber made from the fleece of sheep or lamb, and the hair of the Angora goat, Cashmere goat, camel, alpaca, llama, or vicuna. Reclaimed or recycled wool fibers must be identified on a label as “recycled wool.”

Federal Telemarketing Sales Rule – Credit Card Laundering

According to the Federal Trade Commission, “credit card laundering” is the misuse of a “merchant account” with a financial institution. A “merchant account” is a payment arrangement between a seller or telemarketer and a financial institution.

The Federal Automobile Information Disclosure Act

The Federal Automobile Information Disclosure Act, or “Price Sticker Act,” requires automobile manufacturers to place stickers containing certain information on the windows of all new cars. The Act is commonly known as the “Monroney Act,” in reference to Mike Monroney, the Act’s chief sponsor in the United States Senate.

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