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Benefits of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

There are many different debts that can become overwhelming, and in some unfortunate situations, the strain of keeping up with the mortgage, car payments, credit card debt, loans, and everything else can create a stressful situation. Fortunately, bankruptcy laws exist to offer debtors a way out of suffering serious financial difficulties. One type of bankruptcy that can help you start anew with your finances is Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

If you have become overwhelmed by debt and have creditors harassing you, it’s time to take action. Contact the Russell Van Beustring P.C., today at 713-973-6650 for a free consultation with our experienced Houston bankruptcy attorneys. We can help you learn more about your rights and the benefits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Why Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

There are several different types of bankruptcy that work for individual debtors, including Chapter 13. For many debtors, Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers a solution where you can pay your debt without losing your property. Overall, this form of bankruptcy offers the following benefits:

  • You may keep your house and your car by making up missed payments in your repayment plan
  • Your debts will typically be consolidated into one payment which you can pay slowly over time
  • You will be under no obligation to forfeit your property
  • You will interact with a bankruptcy trustee rather than creditors in order to protect you from creditor harassment

So long as you have regular income that allows you to make steady payments on your debt, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an excellent tool to help you escape aggressive collectors and take control of your debts.

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